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Taking Summer Courses at Another Institution

Guest Application for Another Institution

Before you can begin taking courses at another college/university, you will first need to apply to the institution as a Guest Student; note that different institutions may use different titles for their Guest Students, such as Non-Matriculating Student, Non-Degree Seeking Student, etc. It is recommended that you look into the process for applying as a Guest Student well in advance of when you plan to take courses so that you are aware of the process and deadlines for applying (summer enrollment at many institutions will begin in March). Information on applying as a Guest Student can typically be found on an institution’s admission website.

If you plan to take classes at an accredited Michigan institution and need to submit a Michigan Uniform Undergraduate Guest Application, you can generate a copy of the application here.

Transfer Credit Policies

MSU students are eligible to transfer up to 60 credits maximum from a 2-year institution/community college, and up to 90 credits maximum from a 4-year college/university.

A grade of 2.0/C or higher must be earned in order for credits to transfer to MSU.

Receiving Credit for Transfer Courses

Use transfer.msu.edu to determine how/if courses taken through another institution will transfer back to MSU. If you have questions regarding what courses would be appropriate to take over the summer for your chosen pre-health track, or what courses would (or would not) be recommended, please consult a pre-health advisor.

In order to receive transfer credit for courses taken through another institution, you must request your official transcripts to be sent directly from the institution to MSU, after your final grades have been posted. Do not delay this step as failure to have your transcript sent to MSU in a timely fashion could create problems with future enrollment at MSU.

Electronic transcripts can be sent to: admis@msu.edu

Paper transcripts can be sent to:

Office of Admissions
Michigan State University
Hannah Administration Building
426 Auditorium Road, Room 250
East Lansing, Michigan 48824-2604

MSU will only accept transfer credits, and not grades, from courses taken through another institution. If you will be applying to professional health schools, you should note that even though grades from courses taken at other institutions do not transfer to MSU, professional health schools will require transcripts from all institutions you attend and will calculate your GPA from those transcripts.

Pre-Health Advisors

Request Pre-Health Tracking Code

Contact for Current Students 

Undergraduate Academic
Student Affairs
Natural Science Building
288 Farm Lane, Room 108
East Lansing, MI 48824

Email: natsci.prehealth@msu.edu
Phone: (517) 355-4470

Schedule an Appointment

Contact for Alumni and MSU Graduates

Please call (517) 355-4470 to schedule a Pre-Health Appointment

Follow us on Instagram @msu_prehealth and visit the Pre-Health Student Blog!

Contact for Prospective Students

Gabby Wahla, M.A.
Undergraduate Recruitment Coordinator
Email: natsci.explore@msu.edu  
Phone: 517-355-4470