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Physician Assistant College Admission Test

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About the PA-CAT

Why take the PA-CAT? The PA-CAT is required and/or recommended by some physician assistant schools/programs. It is a specialized discipline-specific exam that is designed to measure applicant knowledge and application in key prerequisite science subjects typically required for PA school. The PA-CAT measures general academic ability and scientific knowledge necessary for success in the demanding Physician Assistant curriculum.

Cost: $228 (includes the exam fee, test center or remote proctor fee, and access to study resources).

Test Dates: Year-round

Computerized: Yes

Length: 4.5 hours (includes mandatory pre-exam questions, a break between exam sections, and a post-exam survey)

Scores: Scores range from 200-800. See the PA-CAT website for more information and details on Scoring and Reporting.

Important Notes:

Test Sections

Candidates will be tested on their knowledge (12%), comprehension (25%), application (54%), and analysis (9%) of the following subject areas:

general biology

  • Questions: 26

general and inorganic chemistry

  • Questions: 38


  • Questions: 12


  • Questions: 26


  • Questions: 39


  • Questions: 39


  • Questions: 26

behavioral sciences

  • Questions: 22


  • Questions: 12

Test Preparation

Exam Master provides study resources for the PA-CAT to assist registered candidates in preparation for their exam. Candidates will receive access to these resources (including study guides, sample questions, practice exams, etc.) upon registration for the exam. See the Exam Master's Preparing for the PA-CAT page for more information and details.

Additional Information

Please see the Exam Master website for more information and details regarding the PA-CAT.

n Information page.

Pre-Health Advisors

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Email: natsci.prehealth@msu.edu
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Contact for Prospective Students

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