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The professional school application process is about one year long, so preparing for the application should begin in advance of the year you are planning to apply. Below, you will find various resources that can assist you in preparing for the application process.

You can also visit the Health Careers page for information on prerequisites, admissions requirements, and application process for specific professional health programs.

A guide to centralized applications for health professions graduate programs.

Information on factors to consider when choosing where to apply and where to attend. 

Information on requesting letters of evaluation for professional school applications and how to collect them.

Information and guidance on crafting your own professional school personal statements.

Tips on preparing for your professional school interviews

Information on what courses to include when calculating your math and science GPA for professional school applications.

Information regarding the costs of the professional school application process from start to finish.

Two-year timeline for students preparing to apply to medical or dental schools.

Information on how gap years can assist in helping you maximize your potential to be a successful applicant to professional / graduate school programs.

Step-by-step instructions for requesting official MSU transcripts to be delivered to Centralized Application Services, including AMCAS, CASPA, AACOMAS, AADSAS, and more.

Gain news, helpful advice and career tips for pre-health students.