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Scheduling Advising Appointments

Current MSU Students:

Drop-In Advising 

Virtual drop-ins for Fall 2023 enrollment assistance ended on May 4th, 2023. Additional virtual drop-ins will be available during the firt week of Fall 2023 classes. Please check this page closer to the start of Fall classes for updated virtual drop-in times and follow the steps below to schedule a 30-minute advising appointment.

Scheduling an Appointment

  • Go to student.msu.edu and login with your NETID and password
  • Select the Academic Progress tile
  • Click the tab on the left, labeled Advising/Tutoring Appointments
  • To schedule a new appointment, click Create New Appointment
  • You will now fill out the New Appointment section details:
    • Category: choose Advising
    • Advising/Tutoring Unit: Select College of Natural Science
    • Appointment Reason: Click on the magnifying glass icon and select Human Biology or Pre-Health
    • Additional Information: Enter more details to assist the advisor with preparing for the appointment 
    • Appointment Type: Choose an available option for how the appointment will be held (Zoom or In-person)
    • Once all of the information has been entered, click Select Advisor:
  • View the Advisor name and Location
  • Click the Time Selected drop-down menu to view available times, then click Select Time to confirm the appointment
    • You may need to click on the "Next Days" tab to see if there is availability for a future date
  • You will be returned to the New Appointment screen where you can review any notes from the advisor/tutor and confirm the appointment. 
  • Click Book It!

Additional training modules and support for using the Student Information System (SIS) can be accessed below:

Prospective/Transfer Students and MSU Graduates

Please make an appointment by calling 517-355-8419.

Override Requests

The Human Biology & Pre-Health advisors do not provide overrides for any courses. Students requesting an override must consult the department for that particular course. A list of Natural Science override request forms can be found on the Physiology Department page.


Department contact information can also be found in MSU's Student Information System under the Classes tile. After selecting Class Search & Enroll on the right, search for and select the course you are trying to enroll into. The contact information will appear on the right-side of the page.

Human Biology & Pre-Health Advisors

The Human Biology & Pre-Health Advisors meet with students who have declared the Human Biology major and advise them for both degree/graduation planning and pre-health requirements and planning. They also meet with pre-health students who have declared any major other than Human Biology and advise them on pre-health requirements and planning only.

Photo coming soon



 Raychel Meyer-Payne
 Human Biology & Pre-Health Advisor
 Click here for bio


Photo of Christine Nguyen-Koelzer


 Christine Nguyen-Koelzer
 Human Biology & Pre-Health Advisor
 Click here for bio


Photo of Kaitlin Peterson



 Kaitlin Peterson
 Assistant Director of Pre-Health & Human Biology Advising
 Click here for bio


Dorali Rebollo



 Dorali Rebollo
 Human Biology & Pre-Health Advisor
 Click here for bio


Photo of Kate Thome 


 Kate Thome
 Human Biology & Pre-Health Advisor
 Supervisor for the Pre-Health Peer Advisors 
 Click here for bio


Photo of Holly Wright



 Holly Wright
 Human Biology & Pre-Health Advisor
 Click here for bio




Pre-Health Peer Advisors 

The Pre-Health Peer Advisors provide the perspective of upper-class pre-health students in assisting other students with a variety of advising needs, such as exploring co-curricular activities, major exploration, pre-health prerequisites, and application preparation.

PPA Email: natsci.prehealth@msu.edu
PPA Appointments: Schedule an appointment with a PPA using the Advising Appointment System.

Please note: You must have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5 to meet with a Peer Advisor. If your GPA is below a 2.5, please schedule with one of the professional advisors shown above.

Photo of Bella Livingston 

 Bella Livingston, Senior
 Human Biology & Psychology Major
 Pre-Medical Track
 Click here for bio




Photo of Riya Patel 

 Riya Patel, Junior
 Human Biology Major
 Pre-Dental Track
 Click here for bio




Photo of Aditi Sharma 

 Aditi Sharma, Senior
 Human Biology & Anthropology Major
 Pre-Medical Track
 Click here for bio




Photo of Sarah St. Germain 

 Sarah St. Germain, Junior
 Human Biology Major
 Pre-Medical Track
 Click here for bio

Pre-Health Advisors

Undergraduate Academic Student Affairs

Natural Science Building
288 Farm Lane, Room 108
East Lansing, MI 48824
Email: natsci.prehealth@msu.edu
Phone: (517) 355-8419

Schedule an Appointment

Follow us on Instagram @msu_prehealth and visit the Pre-Health Student Blog!