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Health Careers

health careers

Alternative Grade Policies for S/NS & CR/NC:


Satisfactory/Not Satisfactory and Credit/No Credit Policies for Michigan Professional Health Programs:
Acceptance of Satisfactory/Not Satisfactory (S/NS) and Credit/No Credit (CR/NC) by Michigan professional health programs in place of numerical grades are outlined in the attachment below.

While a professional health program may accept prerequisite courses graded in the binary S/NS or CR/NC system, they may still request that you report your numerical grades for those courses when applying to their programs. It is important that you check the policies of each program that you plan to apply to.

View Michigan Professional Schools Grade Alternative Policies Chart HERE

MSU Resources:
Satisfactory/Not Satisfactory Grading Policy
Satisfactory/Not Satisfactory Grading Policy FAQs
Credit/No Credit Grading Policy FAQs

Satisfactory/Not Satisfactory Policies for U.S. Professional Health Programs:
Below you will find statements from professional schools across the country related to admission and S/NS grades during the COVID-19 pandemic. The National Advisors for Health Professions website also provides pertinent information for future applicants.
Medical Schools
Dental Schools
Physician Assistant Schools
Physical Therapy Schools
Pharmacy Schools
Optometry Schools