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Pharmacists are experts in the science of medications and the art of medication therapy. Pharmaceutical care encompasses the full range of pharmacist’s skills, knowledge and abilities in providing medication services to patients.

The principal goal of pharmaceutical care is to achieve definite outcomes from medication use which improves patients’ quality of life. These outcomes include: 1) cure of a disease; 2) elimination or reduction of symptoms; 3) arresting or slowing a disease process; 4) prevention of disease; 5) diagnosis of disease; and 6) desired alterations in physiological processes, all with minimal risk to patients.

Application Guide

Learn more about the admission criteria for most pharmacy programs.

Michigan Pharmacy School Prerequisites

View course requirements for Michigan pharmacy programs.

Application Cycle Data

View average admissions data for the 2021-2022 application cycle, including number of applications received, average GPA and PCAT scores, and programs MSU graduates were accepted to. 

Additional Resources

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