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Public Health

Graduates of the Schools of Public Health work primarily in the public sector in the areas of health promotion and disease prevention. They are distinct from other health professionals in that they are oriented to the community and prevention, rather than to curing individuals.

Schools of Public Health are primarily graduate institutions and offer a variety of advanced degrees. All public health schools offer the Master of Public Health (MPH) and most offer the Master of Science (MS). Doctoral programs prepare graduates for teaching, research and upper-level administrative positions.

While there are dozens of specialties in public health, most career opportunities are found in Biostatistics, Epidemiology, Health Services Administration, Public Health Practice and Program Management, Health Education and Behavioral Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Occupational Safety and Health, Nutrition and Biomedical and Laboratory Practice.

Application Guide

Learn more about the admission criteria for most public health programs.

Michigan Public Health Program Prerequisites 

View course requirements for Michigan schools of public health.

Additional Resources

Explore this profession further by accessing links to national associations, career profiles, and student resources.