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Research lab

In addition to showing scientific inquiry, research experience develops in data collection, assessment, critical thinking, problem solving, time management, communication, and many more. Research can also enhance your applications to professional and graduate programs and build relevant, hands-on experience to be competitive for various occupations upon graduation. Research can be done in any subject matter, whether its biochemistry, theater, or psychology.

Watch the video below and explore the information on this page to to learn how you can become involved in research! 

Where Can I Find Research opportunities? 

Review the following websites and resources below to locate research opportunities and to connect with faculty to inquire about assisting with research projects. 

Natural Science Research            Undergraduate Research Office





Department Research PagesHandshake





More Tips for finding research

  • Talk with your instructors 
  • Search topics on the MSU Scholars database to connect with current faculty research topics
  • Explore college and departmental websites and contact faculty directly 
    • Remember to explain why you are interested in their research and information about your goals and interests 
    • Include a resume 
  • Consider summer research programs 
  • Attend the University Undergraduate Research and Arts Forum (UURAF) and ask your peers about their research project 
  • Explore paid positions through MSU Handshake