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1 Year Before Attending (Application Process)

The admission process for most health professions is holistic, meaning that all aspects of your application will be taken into consideration.  

Primary Application: Most professional schools require students to complete a computerized primary application. Please check submission dates for your application, you want to apply sooner rather than later (the sooner the better). Most schools have rolling admissions.  

The primary application is your first step to getting into pre-professional school. Each profession has a different primary or standardized application. The primary application will ask for a broad range of basic information: biographical information, information about college courses, extracurricular experiences, and copies of transcripts. 

Background information on application- this section is basic biographical information such as: 

  • Identity information 

  • Schools attended (transcripts will be required for each school) 

  • Course clarification 

Entrance exam- MCAT, DAT, OAT, PCAT, GRE. Most professional schools require students to take a standardized admission exam as a part of the application process.  

Work/Activities- List your most meaningful experiences, these should be experiences that impacted your personal growth, development, and aspirations for the health field. This description should focus on the technical aspects of your experience. 

Letters of recommendation - LOR are required for students applying to health professional programs. These letters should be coming from a professional or community member who knows you well and who you feel can confidently recommend you to a particular school or program. 

  • Contact providers to ensure that these are done and submitted. 

Personal Statement - Personal statements are an important part of your application! They are your chance to show admission committees who you are and why you are pursuing the health profession you are applying for. This is your chance to share how you have already begun to gain skills and qualities to make a great health provider (in your field).  

Preparing for interview - Personal interviews are required and a part of the acceptance process. There is no specific format for the personal interview, this can vary from school to school.  

  • Preparation tips 

  • Research application process for your professional school. 

** The next section only applies to Medical and Dental school.** 

Secondary Application- Once you have submitted and completed your primary application, your school (each individual school you applied to) might require additional information, this might be different for every school. These applications are referred to as secondary or supplemental applications. 

Most secondary applications have a number of school-specific essay prompts, which can vary word limits.

  • Given rolling admissions, you should submit secondary application (if applicable) 4-6 weeks after primary. Wait until you are formally asked to submit your secondary application before you do so.**(Be ready to receive secondary applications as soon as you submit your primary application and beyond) **

  • Be sure to pay attention to deadlines, if you miss the deadline you will not be considered for the program.

Post Application 

  • Send Thank You notes. 

  • Pay any fees required to secure your spot.