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3 Years Before Attending

Connect with Resources

  • Continue checking in with a Pre-Health Advisor once a semester to touch base about your progress, get any questions you might have answered, etc.
  • Continue maintaining relationships with professors, mentors, advisors, etc.
  • Meet with a Career Advisor to discuss parallel planning. This will help you to understand what additional career options you might be interested in, and how to prepare for them, should you decide to change your intended career path.


  • Continue maintaining a strong GPA across your classes. Continue to use professor/TA office hours as a resource to stay on top of your classes. Student Success Advising, offered through the College of Natural Science, is another great resource to assist you with effective learning strategies, studying strategies, test-taking strategies, time management, and much more!
  • Work with your major & Pre-Health Advisors to develop a long-term plan of classes that includes requirements for your major and intended career path
  • Continue to reflect on whether you are enjoying the classes you are taking for your major, and whether you would like to continue with your chosen major. If you would like to explore other major options, meet with advisors from majors you are interested in to learn more about requirements/opportunities within those major programs.

Cocurricular Experiences

  • Continue participating in meaningful activities (e.g., working, volunteering, job shadowing, internships, etc.) that provide you with exposure and experience related to your chosen profession.
  • Continue keeping track of and reflecting on experiences. It is important to not only reflect on what you have accomplished and what you have learned from your experiences, but also on whether you have enjoyed the experiences you have had and whether your chosen career path continues to be a good fit.
  • Continue to participate in any experiences that you enjoy, even if they are not directly related to health/medicine.